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Hot pots, pre-show wood-salt firing

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

wood-pack_packmay'10The small wood-salt kiln was fired Tuesday 25th and will be unpacked later today, nothing like the smell of a smouldering exhibition plinth! The kiln was crash-cooled and basted just after midnight, and the draw rings looked very promising indeed. Jeremy was assisted over the 20 hour firing by apprentice Sheila Herring, Josh Redman and local potter and cider-maker John Teiser. The kiln pack was dominated by Jeremy’s pots, but with mugs of Sheila’s and a shelf-full of Josh’s porcelain. We shall be serving John Teiser’s highly reputed farmhouse perry during the exhibition, made using the rare pear variety, ‘Early Griffin’ collected from the Wobage perry orchard in 2009.

Wobage exhibition, including an 80th Birthday retrospective of Sheila Casson’s work opens Saturday 29th May and continues until Sunday June 6th.

Porcelain screw-tops!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

porc_kiln_unpackmay'10porc.kilnupack'may10Hot from the kiln and ready for our forthcoming exhibition this weekend, Patia is rattling through several firings of both her porcelain and earthenware ranges. Some fantastic new square slip-decorated dishes which have proved very popular indeed, alongside the fresh greens of her yew-ash glazed, reduction-fired porcelain. (see pics) For the first time, she’ll also be exhibiting a new range of screw top jars.

Students salt-fired course pots

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

A couple of good salt-firings in September and October, have included most of the work made during Jeremy’s and Sarah Dunstan’s courses over the Summer of 2009. Many have already been collected. If you’ve not yet been contacted, then there are a handful of pots that are still to be fired and yours are included in these. We’d hoped to have them all through before our own preparations and firings for Christmas exhibitions. Unfortunately however, these pots will now not be fired until December. We’ll be in touch as soon as they are. If you are passing by anyway before then, there will be some pots for you to collect. pottery courses salt kiln