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Beginners course news

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Beginners they were, but are no longer! Flamin’ June, flamin’ eck! Despite the drizzle, and with the throwing studio wood-stove fuelled, our intimate group last weekend came on a real treat over the 2½ days. A big thank you to Tracey our caterer for such wonderful grub. To name just a few, hot soup, red pepper & caramelised red onion galettes, and those double choc brownies, wicked!

From Susie, 18th May 2012: “I would like to thank everyone for such an inspiring and enjoyable experience. Although I was pretty intent on the task in hand and might at times have felt a little daunted, I felt the spirit of encouragement from each and every one of you. I got more than a mug, an jug and two bowls out of the weekend.

My special thanks to Jeremy, our patient teacher. I didn’t once catch you rolling your eyeballs and was much heartened by your positive, yet relaxed approach. Also to Jack, who gently assisted me more than once at a crucial moment.

I am sure there will be more vessels to throw for me. Pot on….”

Summer courses season begins

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Over a long weekend, beginning 1st June, Wobage welcomed a full quota of ‘Improvers’ to participate in the first course of the season. With the dining canopy erected, the lawns mowed and the studios spring cleaned, it was great to bring the throwing studio alive with prolific activity. The 3 day course covered a wider spectrum of practice than scheduled, with demonstrations from Jeremy  that included flat-ware, jug-making,  thrown & altered forms, and slip decoration and raw-glazing for salt-firing. Also of course, plenty of basic best practice in throwing, turning and handling. It was a great group of students, further enhanced by our summer apprentice for 2012 Jack Welbourne, an undergraduate from the degree in Cardiff (UWIC). The pots moved on a pace, and did they ‘improve’, well yes did they ever!