Sheila Herring

Sheila Herring pottery coursesMany of you will already have met Sheila on previous Summer courses at Wobage. Apprentice to Jeremy for 2009-2011, Sheila received the first grant under the ‘Adopt a Potter’ charity, initiated by Lisa Hammond.

Sheila was a professional basket maker for over thirteen years, before changing her path towards the materials of clay and fire. Her current pots are predominantly wheel-thrown with some hand-built additions. The work is visceral and impassioned,  combining a kind of abstract expressionism with subtle and robust functional shapes.

Since the beginning of her apprenticeship at Wobage in September 2009, she has participated in packing and ¬†firing gas and wood-fired salt-kilns, in which a selection of her work has been fired alongside Jeremy’s. She has recently altered the direction of her own practice, developing a range of slips and glazes in earthenware. From 2012, she has been invited to join the Wobage studios as an independent maker.

To view more information and current images of Sheila’s work, please visit her own website.