“It was such a brilliant course. It felt really positive and I think we all made happy pots as a result.” ‘Thrown & Altered’ Improvers 2019

“Thank you for a great 4 days. I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching, my learning and of course the excellent food and cakes, thank you. Your patience and encouragement is always much appreciated. You all make a great team.” ‘Jar-making’ Improvers 2019.

“I have now attended 3 Wobage summer schools. They have all been thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring and have increased my knowledge, practical skills & appreciation of the aesthetics of pottery making.  They have also been appropriately challenging at times. I think you are an excellent teacher of all aspects of pottery making. You are always encouraging & friendly with both individual & group teaching. Your group demonstrations are very helpful and well organised. This time I also appreciated the sectional series of bisque examples, illustrating the different sequential stages of making lids & jugs; I am sure students will continue to find these useful. As well as helping me develop my throwing skills you have inspired me to be more experimental with my decorating. I also appreciated your helpful comments on how I could improve the aesthetics of my pots; this was done in a very positive and constructive way.

The Wobage pottery provides excellent facilities and I love throwing with your clay including the one with the higher sand and grog content. I also enjoyed learning more about your use of slips & decorating prior to salt & wood firing.

The lunches were always delicious as was your homemade sourdough bread. An additional treat was to eat them from such beautiful handmade plates, bowls and mugs. I also enjoyed meeting the other students on the courses who have always been friendly and generous with their knowledge and experience.” ‘Thrown & Altered’ and ‘Jar-making’ Improvers 2019.

“Thank you SO much Jeremy for such fantastic weekends of excellent tuition, ideas, inspiration, good company and delicious food……. I really felt that you all went above and beyond. Thank you. Also to Petra for being the bestest host ever.” ‘Thrown & Altered’ and ‘Just Mugs’ Improvers 2019

“It was good to return to Wobage and meet you all again. I thoroughly enjoyed it, you work so hard to make everything so absolutely excellent. I am revitalised to focus on the mug as an exciting form to explore handles and all. Isn’t pottery wonderful as a medium for self-development and evolving one’s ideas, skills and ultimately oneself, and it is endless…… Hey ho…. Off to throw a mug or two.” ‘Just Mugs’ Improvers, July 2019.

Just to let you know that I had a great time as a guest tutor on your course and to say again how impressed I am with the way you manage both the students and their varying skills and needs.” Mark Griffiths, guest demonstrator & tutor on 5-Day Big-Improvers 2012

“A very stimulating course. Excellent facilities and very generous provision of materials. Yummy lunches. There was a really good balance allowing me to explore the materials myself and ask for help whenever. The tutors worked hard all the time.” 5-day ‘Porcelain’, with Patia Davis & Matt Blakely

“I achieved much, much more from the course than I expected. A Good balance of demonstration, everything was great, I loved the clay especially. Fantastic value for money!” 3-day ‘Improvers’, with Jeremy Steward

“Home from fantastic Improvers course – thanks Jeremy, had a brill time. Back in 3 weeks for Patia’s porcelain. Great food, great teaching, great company in lovely surroundings. Perfect!

“Just finished an inspiring introduction to wheel throwing with Jeremy Steward, assisted by Jack Welbourne. Thank you both for all your encouragement which helped me enormously through the bumpy early stages of the ‘complete beginner’s process. I am now 2 bowls and 2 mugs better off!

“Studios, facilities and materials are excellent. To be able to see another potter’s own unique approach to handling and throwing clay, (in addition to that of the main tutor) is an advantage and an inspiration, and an added attraction to the course. As in this case, Matt was excellent and shed some much needed light on the complexities of glaze formulation and testing. His explanations were clear and interesting. 5-day ‘Porcelain’, with Patia Davis & Matt Blakely