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Patia’s kiln-build update

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

nick_colinAfter a busy April, Patia’s kiln is now up to the top of the chamber, with the springers in place to begin corbelling the domed roof. Would you trust these two men (see image) with the design of your damper? A lamp-maker and an energy consultant! Thanks indeed to Colin Chetwood and Nick Grant, partners in much worse crimes,  for making such a neat and sturdy job of the kiln’s metalwork. Patia is now back to full-time making and firing in preparation for the forthcoming Wobage exhibition, returning to complete the kiln-build in June. For more pics of the build, scroll to the bottom of Patia’s profile page

Bottle-kiln building

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

kiln build wood fired earthenware

With the new Wobage kiln-site shed completed a few weeks ago, Patia is now making good progress with the building of her updraught wood-kiln. Once complete, she will journey towards wood-firing her earthenware which is currently electric fired. Patia was inspired by a similar kiln which she helped build and fire with Clive Bowen at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in 2007. Her design encompasses two catenary arch fireboxes, a round chamber and domed roof.

We eagerly await her first trials later in the year, in anticipation of ever more seductive surfaces; that added warmth, softness and serendipitous generosity of wood-firing. In combination with Patia’s bold and already sumptuous decoration, mmm, can’t wait! The kiln-build will be documented with regular picture updates on the end of Patia’s profile page.