Bottle-kiln building

kiln build wood fired earthenware

With the new Wobage kiln-site shed completed a few weeks ago, Patia is now making good progress with the building of her updraught wood-kiln. Once complete, she will journey towards wood-firing her earthenware which is currently electric fired. Patia was inspired by a similar kiln which she helped build and fire with Clive Bowen at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in 2007. Her design encompasses two catenary arch fireboxes, a round chamber and domed roof.

We eagerly await her first trials later in the year, in anticipation of ever more seductive surfaces; that added warmth, softness and serendipitous generosity of wood-firing. In combination with Patia’s bold and already sumptuous decoration, mmm, can’t wait! The kiln-build will be documented with regular picture updates on the end of Patia’s profile page.

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