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‘Talking in Clay’ Courtyard Arts

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

joshcakeplateJosh Redman features in this current exhibition at Hereford’s Courtyard Art Centre which runs through h’Art until Sunday 18th September. The exhibition features a selection of international, national and local ceramists and also includes an exciting range of events including ‘have a go throwing’, ‘family pot decorating sessions’, and artist’s talks. Furthermore, Josh will be demonstrating the creation of his pots and sculpture in the foyer of the Courtyard for 3 days between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th. A rare treat and opportunity to view Josh’s inimitable and energetic methods of production. For further information and booking details on other events view the Courtyard’s own website.

h’Art Wobage Exhibition opens

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

H'Art_inviteThe makers at Wobage warmly welcome you to the opening of our Autumn Exhibition of pottery, wood, jewellery and sculpture, in conjunction with Herefordshire’s Art Week. Please join us on the evening of Friday 9th September, for a glass of locally produced wine, or a ‘Springherne’ sparkling perry, made from pears harvested from the Wobage orchard. Alternatively, the exhibition then continues from Saturday 10th – Sunday 18th September 10am – 5pm.

h.Art is Herefordshire’s Open Studios tenth event, giving you exclusive access to artists’ studios, workshops and special exhibitions. This year there are 103 fantastic venues spread across the whole county and borders. It is the perfect opportunity to meet the makers in relaxed surroundings, learn about their techniques and inspiration and perhaps buy an original artwork. For further information, pick up a pink brochure during your visit to Wobage, or visit the h’Art website.

Wobage Summer exhibition opens

Friday, May 27th, 2011

PatiaDavis.web'alt.2011This weekend, Saturday 28th May, the Wobage makers warmly invite you to the opening of our Summer exhibition. Celebrating Patia’s 20th anniversary at the studios, we will be exhibiting in the ‘cathedral’ barn as well as the main Makers Gallery. New pots from hot kilns, new indigo dye embroidered fabrics from Clare McGarva in France, a magnificent king-sized ripple ash double bed & a large round brown oak table by Ben Casson and new sculpture from Lucy Casson.

Please join us for coffee and cake or a glass of local award-winning ‘Springherne’ perry; made from the rare, ancient and majestic pear trees of the Wobage orchard.

The exhibition continues daily 10am – 5pm for nine days, until Sunday June 5th. We look forward to seeing you.

Private view, Josh at Milkwood, Cardiff

Friday, May 27th, 2011

milkwoodposter1Josh’s personal experiences form the main concept behind this new work, a large, food-like object produced in-situ and placed on a dining table. ‘Dinner for One’ acts as a stark reminder of the fine line between independence and isolation.

’100:Poscards’ is one of a series of projects organised and curated by Jazz Cakes, with the aim of bringing fine artists, designers, photographers, writers, any practitioners within the arts together to create a diverse collection of works with a common theme. Each participant has created a piece of work based upon a given number between 1 and 100. The ‘postcard’ acts as  a vessel for thoughts and images based around the idea of communication , community and networks.

Private View 7pm, Thursday 2nd June 2011

Continues 3rd -25th June

Milkwood Gallery, 41 Locaber Street, Roath, Cardiff

Open Tues. – Sat. 10am-5pm

Summer Exhibition, Patia’s 20th year

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

square_dish_may'11The Wobage Summer Exhibition opens on Saturday 28th May and continues every day 10am –  5pm until Sunday 5th June 2011. We celebrate Patia Davis’ 20th year at Wobage with an exhibition featuring both her porcelain and slip-decorated earthenware. She has been prolifically moulding and slabbing out new flat-ware to add to her already acclaimed square dishes, large and small. The depth of surface and colour just gets more and more intriguing and beautiful.

Josh at Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

JoshRedman_bottlesdryingJosh Redman is currently prolifically making towards exhibition at Milkwood Gallery in Roath, Cardiff, South Wales. Alongside these magnificent tall narrow bottle forms for the large window display of the gallery, Josh is working on an installation entitled ‘Dinner For One’ in their main gallery. He will also be featuring a set of 27 photographs for display as a ‘conceptual postcard’. Intriguing and inspirational stuff. We look forward to the Private View on 2nd June 2011 after which the exhibiton runs for 4 weeks.

For more information as the exhibition draws closer, follow Josh’s blog online.

Ruthin Slip exhibition

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

plate.27cmJeremy and Patia are currently exhibiting at Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales, a mixed show featuring 12 makers and entitled ‘Slip’. To paraphrase curator Gregory Parsons, the materials and techniques may be simple, but the results can be astounding. With a range of practice that spans the traditional to the modern and contemporary, the work demonstrates without doubt that the use of slip continues to evolve as a vital medium for creative self-expression in the 21st century. The exhibition continues in Ruthin Gallery 3 until 12th June 2011.

Here follows a short essay written by Jeremy for the exhibition catalogue.

“I use slip in various forms in the making of my high-fired salt-glazed stoneware and porcelain. Along with the term ‘slipware’, slip is much more commonly associated and categorized with the tradition of lower firing temperatures and brightly coloured earthenwares, such as the magnificent chargers of Thomas Toft and other Staffordshire lead-glazed pottery of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. I hold a deep respect for these potters and their skillful, exuberant and playful use of slip in it’s wet state. Indeed, it was with reference to this vernacular that I feverishly began experimenting with slip as a student.

Exactly how the many and varied techniques which the Staffordshire potters employed, first made their way into common use will never truly be known. However, I am certain that we share with these makers a motivation that is primal, for the sensuous qualities of the very material itself. Submerging a full armful of the gorgeous stuff is only the beginning; thick, creamy and smooth, the slip is stirred and paddled to ensure an even liquid suspension before it’s use. In common with generations of artistic endevour, we find the development of the materials in our hands, lends us the freedom to run with new ideas.

The ingredients are often basic, at it’s simplest a single clay suspended in water. A combination of clays is often blended, sometimes with a small percentage of oxides for colour and other additions to alter surface quality or firing maturation. Despite this frequently simple composition, slips underpin a limitless wealth of creative possibilities and sophisticated surfaces.

The influence of slip on my making begins on the wheel from where most of my shapes evolve. With the wet scragfitto of  marks often made directly onto the wet clay surface of the slowly revolving pot, I am envisaging this vocabulary of drawing soon to be cloaked in a thick veil of ball clay slip. Rather like multiple layers of limewash applied to a vernacular stone building, detail and edges are softened, overall composition unified. This is usually the first of at least one other layer of slip, which will be applied later for colour or surface variation to part or all of the pot. Over many hours, or often several days of drying and reapplication of different slips and related mark-making, this layering and re-working keeps the clay alive and crisp. Along with it, the inherent risks of raw slipping and glazing for the work to collapse under renewed water saturation from the freshly applied ingredients.

Working as I do, alongside a small community of other artists, I am periodically mocked for my ‘multiple slipping’ habits, with pots unashamedly indulged in five or six slip or raw-glaze treatments before being finally allowed to rest in preparation for firing. “Surely…” they mock in jest, “I could compose a single ingredient that would do the same thing in one go?” Fear not! Slip in this way continues to form a crucial aspect to the improvisation of new ideas, and the expansion as well as honing of a compelling range of fired surfaces.

The creative development of these slips is integral to the methods used to complete their vitrification, wood-fired salt-glaze. The fly ash from the fuel and the sodium from the volatilized salt applied to the white heat of the kiln, combine with the slipped surfaces to produce the melt. Subjected to the vagaries of kiln atmosphere and flame movement, the resulting pots celebrate a meeting between the conscious application of ingredient and the unpredictability of nature.”

New photography for May exhibition 2011

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Jeremy_candle-holderLocal photographer JP Kavanagh, who has worked extensively with many of the Wobage Makers in previous years, has been collaborating again with Patia and Jeremy in developing a small body of framed work for the May exhibition.

The Wobage Gallery is delighted to celebrate Patia’s work in this year’s Summer exhibition, marking her 20th year as resident maker at Wobage. The Summer exhibition at Wobage begins on Saturday  28th May and continues every day until Sunday 5th June.

Kavanagh is collaborating with Jeremy Steward in the development of his own website, and also towards a joint exhibition with Jeremy at the Pop-Up Gallery of Cirencester Brewery Arts in the Summer of 2012. The working title for this show, ‘Salt on Salt’ will include a group of Kavanagh’s salt processed prints alongside Jeremy’s wood salt-fired pots. They will be showing alongside local artist friends Nigel Lambert and Mariette Voke.


Oxford Ceramics Fair 2010

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

oxford ceramics fairsat.iron_footed_dishPatia and Jeremy will be exhibiting new work at the CPA (Craft Potter’s Association) Christmas Fair in Oxford, on the weekend of 30th & 31st October. For full details and directions to get to the event, please visit the Oxford Ceramics Fair website.

Press release, Casson retrospective

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

mickcasson_biographyWith Mick’s exhibition and book launch fast approaching, find attached the press release for the event.

Mick show press release