4 Day Slip decorated Earthenware 15th -18th July 2021


The course content for this season is spread over 4 days. Patia will be sharing the secrets of her vocabulary of alluring and lively mark-making in slip-decoration. Pleasure in English slipware runs deep in our culture; these lively, robust, warmly decorated pots are so relatable too, and continue to provide us with inspiration today. The programme considers both traditional and contemporary approaches to slip application, methods which grew out of post-medieval English pot-making and then later flourished in the celebrated 17th and 18th chargers and often elaborate slipwares of Staffordshire. The schedule will allow for a strong emphasis on experimentation, both in exploring technique and in assisting each student’s approach to the development of design and mark-making in slips. Following this, students will experiment with making and decorating slabbed, hump-moulded flatwares. Also with the opportunity to make thrown and altered  shallow walled bakers/servers.

Patia will help you to select a maximum of six of the best completed shallow dishes and bakers which she will later raw-glaze and gloss fire, for students to collect at a later date. A charge in addition to the course fee will be made for fired pots, £1.50/lb for biscuit and £3.00/lb for gloss firing. The studio invites a maximum of 9 students for this course.

The course begins at 10am on the first morning, finishing at 4pm. Tuition hours are otherwise 9.30am – 4.00pm. The studio is freely available for students to work outside of these hours, early or late. A home-made vegetarian lunch along with morning and afternoon refreshments are included in the price of this course. More information about Patia Davis is available on the Tutors pages.

For availability and further details for booking this course, please contact us via this link to our Booking Page.